BCTransferGuide.ca Gets Bigger!

BCTransferGuide.ca now includes transfer equivalencies to seven BC post-secondary institutions (PSIs) from across the country, and the globe, in addition to transfer agreements among BC Transfer System members.

As a result, students from all over the world are now able to search for transfer decisions to identify the credit they would receive at the onboarded BC PSIs for learning obtained outside of BC.

This expansion continues the work of facilitating student mobility, by reducing barriers and promoting pathways to access quality, post-secondary education in BC.

We thank the onboarded post-secondary institutions and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training for continuing to facilitate student mobility and our province's transfer-friendly culture - another reason why BC is the ideal destination for transfer students from across Canada and the world.

Check out the BCTG Expansion Project Update for further details.

*Please feel free to share this news with colleagues, students, and those involved with student services and advising at your institution.*