BCCAT 2020-21 Annual Review

BCCAT 2020-21 Annual Review

Connections: Supporting educational pathways as a collaborative community

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In 2020, BC’s post-secondary community faced remarkable challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BCCAT’s top priority has been to ensure that learners and post-secondary institutions continue to benefit from BC’s network of flexible learning pathways during this critical time and going forward. Key activities include the following:

  • collaborating with partners to ensure learners continue to benefit from transfer pathways during the pandemic;

  • enhancing technologies to optimize credit transfer processes and make credit transfer pathways more intuitive and accessible to learners;

  • conducting research examining the impacts of the pandemic on post-secondary learners and institutions to guide post-pandemic policy and practice in the post-secondary system;

  • facilitating discussion and enquiry into issues of importance to the post-secondary community—such as micro-credentials and online course delivery—to help guide development of policy and practice; and

  • supporting communication with the public and across the system to address emergent critical issues and developments in support of learner access and mobility.

This Annual Review takes a look at the ways BCCAT has worked to strengthen collaboration and connections vital to enabling learner access and mobility. 

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